When checking out the best drones 2018 has to offer, there’s a pretty good chance that you will feel overwhelmed with the range of options out there. This problem will only be made worse when you start looking at the prices as they range from $100 or so to well over $1000 making your decision even harder. Indeed, your mind will be screaming at you to stop as it cannot deal with the information overload, and your anxiety increases as you wonder if you have made the correct decision or if your pocket will be left with a burning hole in it.

Clearly, this is a scary situation, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Instead, there are a number of key points to consider when checking out the different options, and these points will make life so much easier as a result.

The differences between cheap and expensive drones

First, let’s clear up something that will undoubtedly make a difference for you, and that is the key differences that often exist between cheap and expensive drones. This may indeed have a bearing on what you purchase, and it all depends on what you intend to use your drone for. There are some exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, expensive drones will be packed with better equipment, although you could find some hidden gems at a lower price tag.

Aside from that, the general differences can best be summarized as follows.

  • Cheaper drones have a shorter flight time due to a poorer battery
  • Cheaper versions have a shorter range
  • Cheaper drones tend to be missing GPS so have no return to home option
  • The camera on a cheaper drone is of a poorer quality
  • A cheaper drone is slower
  • An expensive drone may have to be registered with the FAA authorities
  • An expensive drone is more stable with an increased number of sensors
  • An expensive drone may be controlled by a smartphone

There are some other differences that exist, but it does vary depending on the model in question. As you can see, a cheaper drone may be more of a toy rather than anything else, whereas the expensive models are more for commercial purposes.

Why buying a drone now is best

There are several reasons as to why you may be searching for the best drones 2018 has brought us so far, but consider this key point before you make any decisions.

2018 is seen by many experts as being the year where the use of drones for commercial purposes is going to literally take off. Amazon has been a prime mover in this field with them experimenting with making deliveries via drones for some time, and it is an approach that is going to become more common. Furthermore, it is anticipated that delivery companies, in general, will resort to this technology ranging from pizza places to local companies delivering products to customers. In other words, we better get used to seeing drones flying over us.

Of course, this then has an impact on your ability to purchase a drone as the price is anticipated to rise due to the increased usage of drones in the commercial field. Getting in now before this happens makes sense as well as being able to protect your pocket.

So, what is the best drone 2018 has to offer?

So, what exactly is the best drone so far this year? Well, after careful consideration, the best drone is the DJI Mavic Pro. It may not be the cheapest and is more towards the higher end of the market, but the features that are contained within the drone are astonishing. To give you a better sense of what to expect, these are the key components.

  • A 4.3-mile flight range
  • Flights last up to 27 minutes in duration
  • Full HD 1080p video streaming
  • Has Flight Autonomy to identify objects to avoid flying into them
  • Has Absolute Precision Flight Autonomy to offer easier hovering and landing
  • Can land right back at the spot where you took off
  • Has its own unique camera stabilization system

What is clear is that this drone is more for the experienced flyer, and its features mean it is aimed more at the commercial side of things rather than as a toy. If you are new to drones, then this is not the one to start with but if you are moving up and want to do some rather cool filming then you will enjoy the capabilities that come with the DJI Mavic Pro.

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