Yooo! How are you guys doing? We heard your wishes and we’re back with the heat review. We’re going to talk about that thing on your wrist today – mens watches. Let’s get it straight, watches are the best fashion accessory that complements your outfit. In fact, it’s more than just an accessory. Without it, your look is plain and lacks that cherry on top. No worries though, we researched the whole market and tested every watch to make it easy for you. There won’t be any technical specs, you know, we think that’s boring. Realest thoughts only. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are the best men’s watches on the market. Let’s get it.

Ambassador Heritage 1921

Woo. I mean just look at it. AB-SO-LU-TE BE-AU-TY. Rose gold accents with the bold black face. You can’t really go wrong with it. Matches any outfit and it’s that cherry on top I talked about earlier. It’s great on the inside too. The Japanese Quartz movement proves my point. Minimalistic mentality with modernity in mind, the Ambassador Heritage 1921 really is our top pick.

Bamford Mayfair

Bamford Mayfair is known for its customization and it’s easy to see why. All black with silver elements, we really think it was designed for that suit look. This watch screams luxury and we absolutely love it. Coming at around $450, the Bamford Mayfair is an overall solid pick for 2018.

Elliot Brown Canford

Well, what can we say about it? This the thing you must have if you’re traveling a lot. Very rugged and versatile, but comfy to the point when “you forget you’re wearing it”. What it really looks and feels like? It features a green soft strap with the hard military style watch face. You’ll want to cop it if you’re a fan of the style. Onto another.

Larsson & Jennings Saxon 39mm

Our second best option on the list. The Larsson & Jennings Saxon is the thing you’ll see from miles away. It screams luxury and you won’t be unnoticed, that’s for sure. However, that doesn’t harm its usability. You can absolutely wear it on a day-to-day basis. Similar to the Ambassador Heritage 1921, this watch has the Quartz movement technology used in it. Overall, we’re really impressed with the Larsson & Jennings Saxon, it’s especially excellent for the summer.

Hamilton Khaki Field Auto

So, the most classic old fashioned watch on the list, well, at least we think so. Classic, classic, classic. We can sense it in every detail of this watch. It’s well worthy of your consideration 🙂

That’s it. These’re the best watches for summer 2018. The most important part is to choose something you like, something that brings you joy. We made it easy for you so you can thank us later 🙂 As always, keep it 100 and we’ll be coming with the new heat reviews soon. Stay tuned.

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