Understanding what constitutes the best branded watch is going to prove to be rather useful when it comes to you getting ready to spend some of your hard-earned cash. After all, there just appears to be so many options out there that it will become all too easy to feel confused by what is in front of you. Clearly, you want to make the correct choice, so we have a few pointers and tips that may very well help you to narrow things down and to feel comfortable with your final selection.

What actually makes a watch branded?

First, let’s deal with something important, and answer an all-important question, just what makes a watch branded? There are some that believe every watch is branded since each one is manufactured by a company even if it is en masse, and there is certainly some truth in what they say from a technical, and legal, perspective. However, for most people, the concept of something being branded goes beyond the name that appears on the dial of the watch.

Instead, the best branded watch is going to emit a sense of quality craftsmanship that goes above and beyond the norm. It never represents something that is cheap and at the lower end of the market as the lower price range often has connotations that fail to create that special aura that surrounds a branded watch. It oozes prestige and makes the wearer feel as if there is something special on their wrist. This is something that you will never feel with a watch that is viewed by the market as being commonplace and nothing extraordinary.

How to spot a good brand

The question now is how to spot a good brand as there are several things that should really stand out for you as you browse through the myriad of options before you. Clearly, you want to feel confident in your selection and believe that it is money well spent, and yet it will often feel as if there is a proverbial minefield to navigate.

However, to spot a good brand we can take several points into consideration. It may not be a fail-safe method, but there’s little doubt that it will help you to narrow things down to a more manageable selection.

So, the points are:

  • They explain their heritage of the brand
  • They give details of the mechanisms
  • Their marketing is as stylish as their watches
  • They offer customer service that goes above and beyond the norm
  • They have a substantial returns policy should you be unsatisfied

To spot a good brand, you must look at the whole picture and not just the product itself. The background of the company, their development and how they got to this point today, even their marketing exploits all add up to creating the brand. If they are lacking in any of those areas, then they may not be up to the standards that you would expect.

Our favorite pick – The Ambassador Heritage 1863

For us, our favorite pick for the best branded watch is the Ambassador Heritage 1863. We have chosen this simply because it ticks all of the boxes mentioned above as to what constitutes a good brand. Indeed, their website goes into their heritage across their entire range providing you with a real sense of what the company is all about.

With the watch, the Heritage 1863 offers a classic design with modern mechanisms to ultimately deliver a product that keeps perfect time. Incorporating a 40mm polished stainless steel case with a Sunray dial and exquisite engraving on the back, this watch emits the essence of quality that you are seeking. Furthermore, by including a Japanese quartz movement, it means that this watch will keep time for years to come just as you would expect from a watch of this quality.

In other words, the Heritage 1863 combines everything that you should be seeking in a prestigious watch brand. Elegance, quality craftsmanship, and a watch that will simply stand the test of time.

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