There, I said it, I promise that this Jordan review is going to be interesting, and not just a mashup of different points that you already know about this shoe. Let’s face it, the Jordan shoe has been around since the 90’s in various guises so it’s not as if nothing has been written about it before, so getting real with all of this is important.

I’ve been a fan of the Jordan series for some time now, and this model is no different. After all, you don’t sell a shoe in huge numbers if there’s nothing that special about it. However, the Jordan brand is now worth an estimated $2.8 billion per year, and the shoes are at the absolute heart of that huge sum of money.

So, what about the Jordan XII? We present you the best Jordan review. Let’s go.

Getting to grips with the shoe

The first thing you notice with the shoe is that it is in the classic Jordan style without being too bulky or cumbersome looking. This is something that is clearly well made and is going to be able to withstand a considerable amount of punishment, so if you are looking at purchasing it for basketball, then you are onto a winner.

When you first get the shoe, you just notice that the box is not exactly out of the ordinary. Yes, it has the Jordan logo but is that enough to make you get excited, probably not, but then the shoe generally does talk for itself.

Upon opening, you will notice that they have made a big deal out of splitting the upper and lower layers of leather which do give the impression of making the shoe appear bulkier than it actually is. Also, I feel it makes the shoe look more powerful, and the color change is also going to continue onto the sole with the famous leaping Jordan appearing in several places across the shoe.

This version is slightly toned down from a design perspective when compared to the earlier brands, but that seems to be the general direction of shoe design in recent times, so it’s nothing to worry about. However, what is good is the sturdy nature of the shoe, and this becomes apparent as soon as you put it on.

The build quality

With this kind of shoe, you want a significant amount of support and you are not going to be let down with the Jordan XII. The leather that is used is strong and the ankle support will provide you with a huge amount of confidence. Perhaps the only downside is that there’s just not enough breathable areas as the only place where the mesh is used appears on the tongue. This is something that should have perhaps been added even if it was in subtle spaces but then if you are just wearing them as they are cool, then this will not be a big deal.

If we move to the sole, then it comes with the herringbone design which provides flexibility as well as being sturdy, so you get the best of both worlds. This has appeared on a number of Jordan shoes, so they have certainly taken the theory that if there’s nothing wrong with it, then why change it?

Overall, the Jordan XII is going to not disappoint those that are fans of this particular line. It follows the tradition of producing well-made shoes that are cool, fashionable and functional at the same time. The range of designs will certainly help you to get something you love, and it is then up to you to look after them so you can remain cool for some time to come.

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